Mother doesn’t understand why her newborn is wearing 2 Onesie, until she takes one off and bursts into tears

Her son is wearing a blue Onesie over a white one —but it's what is written on that white Onesie that changes her life forever.

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  • A few weeks ago, Naae and Mark had a beautiful baby boy. Instead of having the baby shower before the birth of their son Zyaire, they decided to do so a few days after his arrival.

  • Usually only women attend baby showers, but for this one two males were present, the new baby boy and the proud father. Everything was normal until it was time to open gifts - then the unexpected occurred.

  • Mark placed his son in Naae's lap when Naae realized baby Zy was wearing two Onesies: A blue Onesie was over a white Onesie. Mark asked her to take off the blue one, and when she did, Naae burst into tears.

  • Nobody understood what was happening

  • According to reports by Little Things and the video capturing event, when Naae took off the blue Onesie, she discovered a message written on the white Onesie underneath:

  • "Mommy, will you marry my daddy?"

  • While she cries, you can hear in the background Mark asking, "And?"

  • She answers yes.

  • It's clear that happiness filled the hearts of Naae, Mark and their friends when she agreed to take the step to legally form their family.

  • Why is it so important for our children to be born or raised in a family bound by marriage?

  • According to statistics provided by the organization For Your Marriage, 27 percent of children in the United States live with only one parent, and they surprisingly (or perhaps not so surprisingly) make up 62 percent of all poor children in the US.

  • The three most common reasons why children are raised with only one parent are unwanted pregnancies, unmarried couples who are living together and divorce.

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  • Are there any extra proven benefits for raising children with a married mother and father?

  • According to research, children who have married parents are more likely to receive higher education and grow to be physically and emotionally stronger.

  • They are also less likely to engage in drug or alcohol abuse and less likely to be sexually or physically abused. Also, they are less likely to divorce when they grow up and decide to form their own family.

  • Having a mother and a father makes it possible for their children receive the necessary support in their development and education. Boys can look at their fathers to understand a man's role, while girls can look at their mothers to understand the role of a woman.

  • The scary statistics

  • A child growing up with only one parent is 14 times more likely to be physically and/or emotionally abused. Children who grow up with a biological mother who lives with another man are 33 times more likely to be a victim of child abuse.

  • But this doesn't mean that it's better to stay in a bad marriage for your children

  • Being married only benefits yourself and your children when both partners understand that marriage and happiness takes hard work, dedication and commitment. Both mom and dad need to know there will be times of joy and sorrow, but the only way to endure both is to depend on each other.

  • If this understanding is lacking in your relationship, or if your spouse is abusive in any way, marriage for the sake of marriage isn't worth this pain and suffering. If this is a problem that can be solved with counseling and time, try to make your relationship work - it won't be easy, but it will be worth it.

  • This article has been translated and adapted from the original, Madre no entiende por qué su recién nacido tiene 2 enteritos puestos hasta que trata de sacarle uno y rompe en llanto. It was originally published on

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