5 ideas to celebrate your wedding anniversary

Check out these five ideas to celebrate each year together and keep your marriage alive through every phase of life.

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  • Nowadays, many marriages don't last forever. If you and your spouse strive to maintain deep affection for each other every day, you should consider each year together a true achievement.

    Couples who have been married long know life is full of its ups and downs. However, financial difficulties should not be an excuse to neglect your wedding anniversary. Here are some celebratory frugal and costly ideas:

  • 1. Traveling

    There is nothing like taking a romantic trip to celebrate your anniversary. But, in order for it to be romantic, it should just be the two of you. It's great to include the entire family most of the time, but an occasional moment between man and wife should be a priority in keeping your love burning bright. Don't worry about the length of your vacation, the important thing is that you're taking time out of your busy lives just to be together.

  • 2. Candlelit dinner

    Another classic that never loses its charm. You can eat at a fancy restaurant or prepare a beautifully-cooked meal at home. Either location will show your love and affection for each other. The key is dining in an environment that screams romance.

  • 3. Go dancing

    Dynamic couples might be looking for a new and exciting way to spice up their anniversary. Getting dressed up and going dancing can reignite the sweet feelings you felt when you first met.

  • 4. Cinema or theater

    Choosing a cultural experience is also a great way to commemorate your anniversary. It can be a musical, an opera or a romantic movie. The choice doesn't matter as long as you're together.

  • 5. Surprises

    Good surprises always bring heat to your relationship. No matter the surprise, your thoughtfullness in planning it is what means the most. On one of my wedding anniversaries in the past, my husband and I were in quite a financial bind. We couldn't spend money on anything - not even a penny. But my husband didn't let our hardship get in the way of making our day special. On our anniversary, he gave me a tape and told me to listen to it. It turned out to be a recording of a song he had written for me. After nine years of marriage, that tape is still the gift I have cherished most from my husband.

    Doing everything for our spouse with love, care and consideration is what marriage is about. Money doesn't matter. Something as simple as a rose or a as extravagent as a cruise will show your spouse how much you cherish them.

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