These 16 crazy hall passes will make you think twice before using them

You need a bathroom break, but is carrying one of these passes worth it?

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  • Using a hall pass to visit the restroom at school used to be no big deal. But it seems that teachers have gotten pretty creative with their hall passes. No longer just a note, these passes are hilarious and sometimes embarrassing.

  • 1. Out of sticky notes? Just use a sheet of giant paper

  • 2. How about a hard copy of this meme?

  • 3. When you have to take a cardboard celebrity to the bathroom with you

  • 4. thanks.

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  • 5. Why not send a lamp?

  • 6. When this is believable, you know it's gone too far

  • 7. Not just for your lawn anymore

  • 8. In case you get hungry on the way, I guess

  • 9. It's like they don't even want you to use a hall pass

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  • 10. Seems legit

  • 11. Wow. This is impressive

  • 12. This just got morbid

  • 13. The hall pass with a dual purpose

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  • 14. Because why not carry a leg through the halls of your school?

  • 15. It's...festive

  • 16. If you must leave class, take the unicorn with you

  • The days of a simple slip of paper are over, thanks to some creative educators. Their efforts to keep you in class have not gone unnoticed.

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