Man interviewed on BBC horrified when an unwanted visitor arrives, but the rest of the world can’t stop laughing

Lock your door before going live on TV.

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  • Live TV interviews easily go wrong, especially when you forget to lock your door.

  • Professor Robert Kelly was talking to BBC about South Korea's president's impeachment when his door unexpectedly opened.

  • A little girl with pigtails and a bright yellow sweater danced toward Kelly. She planted herself right by her father. Kelly causally tried to push his child toward the door, but she just made herself comfortable as another young child wheeled into the room.

  • A frantic woman entered as Kelly apologize for the interruption. She tried to get the children out as quickly and quietly as possible, while Kelly tried to keep a stoic professional face.

  • You can hear the children crying out in the hallway as the door finally closes behind them, leaving Kelly alone to finish his interview.

  • An embarrassing moment for Kelly turned into a world wide moment of humor (and amazing tweets).

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  • Kelly did recover and finished his interview.

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