She ordered pineapple on her pizza, but the note she got instead created an explosive Twitter debate

Getting ready to order pizza for movie night? If you order the pineapple topping, it might not make it on your pizza.

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  • A pinapple on pizza debate exploded on Twitter when one woman posted a picture of her pizza box with at $5 bill and a note that said "Couldn't bring myself to put pineapple on it. That's gross. Sorry."

  • Some people claim that the picture was faked.

  • Others took the picture very seriously.

  • One person even admitted she would do this if she worked at a pizza place.

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  • Some people didn't care about the pineapple debate. What about the pear debate? Or the peas and mayo debate?

  • Where do you stand? Perhaps you are like this person, and would only eat pineapple on pizza behind closed doors only.

  • Who thought tweeting about your pizza order would cause such controversy? The next time you order take away, be sure to tweet you thoughts - who knows, you might go viral.

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