How to energize your life!

A young atheist girl gains personal proof that God is real. A businessman has an epiphany in Japan. Both feel an expansion in mind and body that energizes their life. So can you.

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  • I remember hearing an insightful story about a girl who was raised in an atheist home. As a teenager, she began to question the teachings of her parents, wondering if there could possibly be a God. One night when she was out late and alone, she happened to look up and observe the magnificence of the stars. She was suddenly engulfed with a profound sense of awe and gratitude. The thought strongly came to her that if she was so grateful, to whom was she grateful — if not God? Her newfound awareness tied her into the energy of gratitude.

  • Life-changing Energy

  • Gratitude actually creates energy in us. It expands and empowers us proportionate to the thankful thoughts we generate.

  • Several years ago, my brother had an enlightening experience in Japan. While there, he went into a restaurant to eat. He had a plate full of food placed in front of him. As he looked at the fried rice, peas, egg and onion, his mind suddenly expanded into a panorama of events concerning the history of the food on his plate. It became clear to him how each item had been planted, weeded, harvested, packaged, transported, marketed and then finally cooked for him. As this light continued to illuminate him, his mind turned to his clothes, shoes and modern conveniences. Each thing had a story to tell.

  • It filled him with deep emotion to grasp the fact that it took the labor of hundreds of people to give him the life that he enjoyed. The wonder of that observation was life-changing.

  • Ponder before you eat

  • Next time you eat, ponder on the energy that your meal took to be; the sweat, the fatigue, the pain, the joy of literally hundreds of people.

  • When we say a blessing on the food, what if we first think of the SACRIFICE that took place for this meal to come to us as well as our capacity to purchase and prepare it? What if we change the rote prayer that we usually say and personalize our appreciation for this particular meal? I believe that the more grateful we are for our food, the more energy that food gives us.

  • Gratitude is power

  • Gratitude is a mind activity that brings us closer to God. Because ultimately, all of these things come to us from him. Who should we be thankful to, if not God?

  • The deeper our gratitude, the more connected, buoyant and alive we will feel. Expand your gratitude and energize your life.

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