7 signs that your man is still extremely attracted to you

Does he still find you attractive? Whether you've been together for years or you're just getting to know each other, these are infallible signs that he’s crazy about you.

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  • After being married for a time, it's easy to have doubts. You may wonder if your husband is still attracted to you. This question is not easy for any woman, especially as you age and have children.

  • Men aren't always expressive, so it's difficult to know what they are always thinking. Continuing to have physical intimacy in marriage does not necessarily mean you still have the same desire and passion for each other that you felt in the beginning.

  • However, here are seven signs signs that imply your man still feels the same or has a greater love for you than ever before:

  • 1. He sees anything as a good excuse to be intimate

  • He got a promotion at work, his favorite team just won the big game, he loves what you cooked for dinner or perhaps you're stressed and he wants to help you. Regardless, he uses every circumstance as an excuse to be physically intimate with you.

  • 2. He compliments your clothes

  • He goes out of his way to compliment what colors flatter you. He also might encourage you to buy new clothes or mention how good you looked in a dress you wore to the work party. These kind of comments are subtle signals that your husband is still overwhelmingly attracted to you.

  • 3. He looks at you while you're busy

  • While you find yourself cleaning, cooking or running after your children, he sits nearby (not doing anything) just staring at you.

  • It's easy to overlook this behavior or to get angry with him because he is standing there while you're busy. However, you should appreciate the fact that you still drive your husband crazy.

  • 4. He finds reasons to have physical contact with you

  • He randomly embraces you, tries stealing kisses or starts massaging you while you are busy helping the children. He asks you if you're cold so he can hold and sit close to you while you're watching a movie. These actions mean he constantly craves physical contact with you.

  • 5. He looks you in the eyes when you are together

  • When couple's eyes meet during intimate moments, it not only shows your desire for each other, but also those deep feelings of love. If your husband still looks you in the eyes, you can be certain that still wants you and loves you with all his heart.

  • 6. He kisses you on the mouth

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  • Kissing is one of the most essential elements to a loving relationship. Kissing on the lips creates passion between you and your husband, and ultimately keeps your relationship alive.

  • By mistake, many couples don't kiss each other when they feel like they are too busy, which can seriously hurt their relationship. Don't reject your husband when he kisses you on the mouth. Those kisses are not only the symbol that he wants you, but also that he loves you. Don't let those feelings fade.

  • 7. He tells you how much he wants you

  • He leaves the subtitles and the subtle messages aside so he can directly tell you how much he adores you. He wants you just as much as he did on your wedding day.

  • This article was adapted and translated from the original, "7 señales de que tu HOMBRE aún se siente SUMAMENTE atraído hacia ti" It was originally published on familias.com.

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