Your Black History Month celebration playlist

Finish up February with this musical timeline of hits from incredible black artists.

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  • You probably grew up listening to a different types of music and have a favorite song or genre. Chances are, your song preferences were strongly influenced by African Americans who shaped and sculpted the musical industry you know today. From jazz to rock, their influences changed the world's musical culture.

  • This musical influence began before the 20th century, beginning with Ragtime and Blues, heavily inspired from traditional African slave spirituals, work calls and chants. The century ended with enormous transformations in the musical worldwith hip-hop, rap and R&B. All this musical history made your favorite songs possible. Celebrate February by turning on this timeline of music from some of the most influential black artists in U.S. history:

  • 1890's - Ragtime

  • 1900's - Blues

  • 1910's - Jazz

  • 1920's - More jazz

  • 1930's - Gospel

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  • 1940's - Big Band

  • 1950's - Rock n' roll

  • 1960's - R&B/soul

  • 1970's - Motown

  • 1980's - Disco

  • 1990's - Grunge rap and pop punk

  • 2000's - Hip hop/R&B

  • 2010's - Techno/pop

  • The playlist

  • To experience the whole playlist, click here.

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