25 things to say to your husband when 'I love you' just won’t cut it

Make him smile ear to ear with these simple, yet sweet phrases.

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  • Relationships flourish because of the little things you do each day. "I love you" should never be taken for granted, even if saying it seems mainstream.

  • Finding cheesy, new ways to tell your man how much you adore him can spice things up between you. These 25 refreshing phrases will give you confidence to share your feelings.

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  • And to be extra playful, teasing kisses and genuine compliments go a long way.

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  • Look into his eyes and remind him how happy he makes you. Genuinely expressing your affections shows him how deeply his love affects you.

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  • A relationship is based on expressing your love for one another. Finding new ways to tell your man how much you adore him will add some zest to your already beautiful relationship.

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