11 (slightly disturbing) hilarious texts from kids

Do your children text? What kind of odd messages do you receive from them?

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  • Tablets and smart phones are everywhere and now even your young kids know how to send a text message or two. But just because they can, doesn't mean it's always a good thing or even helpful. But sometimes, it is cute. Check out these text messages from kids to decide for yourself.

  • 1. Just because it's legible, doesn't mean it won't take some deciphering skills

  • When 9-year olds text. #myllmonkeysarebest #lovemyboys #momofboys #kidtexts #spellingfail

    A photo posted by Karen Gordon (@savethedrama97) on

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  • 2. Tattling, but the kid is totally fine apparently

  • #kidtexts #kidconversations 😂

    A photo posted by Brandy Johnson (@brandyljohnson_) on

  • 3. Kids really like emojis

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  • 4. Now you can get all arguments in text (Yay!)

  • 5. Well, that's just sweet. Send more texts like that, please

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  • 6. When they know too much

  • #kidtexts #whenyourbabyisntababyanymore #momlife

    A photo posted by Erin Froman (@ecfroman) on

  • 7. Sigh. Is this every kid's favorite word?

  • #kidtexts #momlifeisthebestlife #poopjokesnevergetold #kingfin

    A photo posted by Sara (@mcglittery) on

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  • 8. But really, what's for dinner?

  • When your 12 year old texts. #whatsfordinner #deancavanna #kidtexts #tacos

    A photo posted by Jenny Cavanna (@mrs.cavanna) on

  • 9. Another favorite word. Why?

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  • 10. Anything to get out of bathing

  • Things my son texts me. He is 9. #kidtexts

    A photo posted by Sarah Szumanski-Jahn (@sarahszuz) on

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  • 11. This seems ominous

  • What kind of four year old kid am I raising? #kidtexts

    A photo posted by Richard Groves (@richardpgroves) on

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