These life fails are too funny to ignore

Your day may get better by seeing these fails. Or worse, depending on how relatable they are to your own life.

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  • Sometimes life feels like one big fail even though it really isn't and there are so many great things happening to you every day.

  • But these fails? Hopefully these moments are far and few between.

  • 1. With or without your car?

  • 2. Learn about the dangers of raw meat... before it's too late

  • 3. If viruses were actually this size, would they be easier to avoid? Or just scarier?

  • 4. How does someone forget Dr. Pepper? Major fail

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  • 5. When they say "jump" ... well, you really should

  • 6. Noooooooo!

  • 7. You had one job, iron!

  • 8. At least his house smells good ... sometimes

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  • 9. Taking a prescription shouldn't be this hard

  • 10. This is what happens when the glass is half full and half empty

  • 11. Truth. (Have you seen those infomercials full of inept people?)

  • 12. I didn't even know this was a thing

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  • 13. When technology has ruined you

  • 14. But did you gain any battery life?

  • 15. But not too lazy to drive to the store, walk in, find socks and purchase them?

  • Do these fails make you feel better about life? Or are they a little too close to home? Let us know in the comments!

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