8 relationship truths we learn from the life of Lorelai Gilmore

Lorelai Gilmore is known for her various relationships, but women can learn a lot from her experiences.

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  • The world can learn so much about life and relationships from the 7 seasons (and revival series) of the Gilmore Girls. This is relationship advice taken straight from Lorelai Gilmore:

  • 1. Have things in common

  • 2. Just because you're friends, doesn't mean a relationship will work

  • 3. Say no to Kirk, or other guys you aren't attracted to

  • 4. Taking a chance on a guy is worth it

  • 5. Don't date the guy suing your father

  • 6. Ultimatums in relationships just lead to resentment and/or sadness

  • 7. Don't marry one guy if you love another

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  • 8. In the end you can get the right man

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