Girl Scouts are marching in Trump's inaugural parade and people are super unhappy about it

What do you think they should do?
Jan 19, 2017

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  • Besides selling their famous cookies, the Girl Scouts of America have many traditions. One tradition, marching in the presidential inaugural parade, is causing major controversy in the last few days before Trump's inauguration.

  • In a blog post announcing the march, the Girl Scout blog stated, "Leadership: That's what it means to be a Girl Scout. Leadership is why the impact of Girl Scouts remains so long after a girl leaves our movement. So as we swear in the 45th president of the United States, it only seems fitting to celebrate more than a century of Girl Scout civic action."

  • Parents of Girl Scouts, former Girl Scouts, and supporters of Girl Scouts exploded with opinions all across social media, most expressing outrage.

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  • Many people are planning on boycotting the girl scouts decision by refusing to buy their cookies.

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  • Many were disappointed that Girl Scouts would allow their girls to march in honor of a man who openly bragged about sexual assaulting women.

  • On the girl scout official Facebook Page, a post stated "Girl Scouts of the USA supports girls of every ideal, belief, opinion, and political ideology, because EVERY girl has a home in Girl Scouts."

  • Girl Scouts of the USA supports girls of every ideal, belief, opinion, and political ideology, because EVERY girl has a...

    Posted by Girl Scouts on Wednesday, January 18, 2017
  • In response to negative comments on the Girl Scout blog post the organization said, "Individual Girl Scouts' participation in an inauguration is not tantamount to an endorsement of the issues, parties or ideals represented. Girls who choose to march are empowered to do so."

  • In response to questions regarding the Girl Scouts involvement in the women's march taking place the day after the inauguration the Girl Scout organization says it encourages all civil involvement and that girl scouts are more than welcome to wear their uniforms during the women's march.

  • What would you do? Do you think the Girl Scouts should march in the inauguration?

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