8 men who ROCK the whole 'period thing'

These guys just get it (and we love them for it).

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  • It can be hard for men to understand the monthly trauma of hormones gone wild, round-house kicks to the abdomen and constant bleeding, what with the whole never having gone through it and all. But some men are pure gold. Here are eight men that have the whole "period thing" down:

  • 1. He's so sneaky he should be a professional secret agent

  • 2. When he realizes how real the struggle is

  • 3. Because "I just keep bleeding" (in love)

  • Found this cleaning out my car. #periodmix #memories

    A photo posted by Clarissa Teague (@clarissateague) on

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  • 4. This man knows what's up

  • 5. And so does this guy

  • 6. Nothing says sympathy like a postcard to your uterus

  • Um...I have the best brother ever! I checked the mail today and I had received this card in the mail with a gift card!...

    Posted by Brooke Snell on Thursday, August 20, 2015
  • 7. Or a period cake

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  • 8. This guy is sweeter than strawberries

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