16 hilarious times kids said exactly what they think (and it's kind of scary)

Have a blunt speaking child? Have you been embarrassed in public by tiny mouths? Admit it: kids are hilarious.

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  • Kids have a special way of being blunt and honest, sometimes at the worst moments. But it can also be pretty hilarious.

  • It is interesting to see the world through kids' eyes and how they view others around them.

  • These 16 kids have some pretty fantastic (or frightening) ideas:

  • 1. At least this kid is having fun, right?

  • Quote of the year! #letterfromcamp #kidssaythedarnedestthings

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  • 2. Not to sound cynical, but...

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  • 3. This kid knows about the necessities to sustain life

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  • 4. This kid has no time to say what he means

  • A love note to #Dad. Not quite sure what to make of #blahblahblah LOL! #kids #kidssaythedarnedestthings

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  • 5. Come on. She deserves more than that!

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  • 6. When lying might be a good thing

  • 7. Time to stock up on anti-wrinkle cream

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  • 8. Because why not?

  • 9. Looking for the positive

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  • 10. A little tough love for you, Dad!

  • 11. Mom is loving, but shouts a little

  • Note from my 8 year old πŸ™„ #kidssaythedarnedestthings

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  • 12. A kid who sticks to the rules

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  • 13. All play and no work makes kids a little rusty

  • 14. Priorities

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  • 15. When you don't laugh hard enough at their jokes

  • 16. Super speed has limitations

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  • Creativity and wit come in small packages. Kids say and do funny things without planning—it's a natural occurrence. Though, sometimes their brutal honesty can be a bit harsh, it'll usually be funny in hindsight.

  • What silly things have your kids said?

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