5 amazing things kefir can do for you (and your weight)

Kefir can build your immunity, strengthen your hair, help shed pounds...and tastes just like yogurt.

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  • Wouldn't it be great if there was a cure-all drink for all of your bodily ailments? Kefir is as close as you can get to finding that miracle drink. Kefir is a fermented drink made from milk and grains with live cultures that act as a probiotic to boost your health. It's also full of friendly bacteria and yeasts rich in nutrients. Here are some benefits of adding kefir to your diet:

  • 1. You won't get sick as much

  • You probably know that yogurt is an excellent source of probiotics to keep healthy bacteria alive and thriving. Kefir has three times the amount of probiotics yogurt does. It is bursting with vitamins like B12, B1 and K12 as well as essential amino acids that help the body heal itself. Kefir also has had a profound effect on the nerves to give you a healthy nervous system. Thanks to kefir, you don't have to be the one who goes through a whole box of tissues when cold season comes around.

  • 2. Strong bones

  • Bones construct the body's frame; they allow you to complete the activities you love to do. Bone density is crucial to women's health. Osteoporosis targets women more than men, 3 to 1. Kefir is rich in calcium and helps to strengthen bone density. This dairy drink is also rich in magnesium which is essential for proper calcium absorption in the bones. With this mixture of calcium and magnesium, kefir will help build bone density to keep you running and laughing longer with your kids.

  • 3. Healthy hair

  • Biotin is a frequently used supplement to stimulate the production of healthy hair, skin and nail growth. Kefir is a great source of biotin to help activate glowing skin and hair growth - giving you that "glow" that all women want. Kefir can also be used as a hair treatment to increase blood flow to hair follicles by applying it directly to the scalp. This will help moisturize, strengthen and stimulate your hair. No more flaky scalp or dried split ends for you!

  • 4. Lose weight and keep if off

  • Losing weight is hard, but keeping it off can be even harder. Your body needs high quality strains of good bacteria in your gut to feel good and maintain healthy weight. A six-ounce serving of Kefir can contain up to ten grams of protein. It is a complete source of protein to help you feel full and reduce the urge to snack on cakes and cookies. The combination of calcium, magnesium and phosphorus found in kefir can also keep your energy levels up so you don't waste calories on drinking caffeinated beverage to stay awake.

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  • 5. Detox by healing your digestive track

  • Kefir can help flush out your digestive tract to lead a healthier lifestyle. It creates those friendly bacterias and yeasts that push pathogens and aflatoxins (food-born toxins created by various molds) out of your digestive system. The healthy bacteria can then live in the digestive tract to keep creating healthy bacteria that binds the other fungi you don't want in your system.

  • Take a trip to the grocery store and start seeing the benefits kefir can have on your overall health. If you want to try making your own kefir, find kefir grains or start powder. Try adding it to smoothies or in salad dressings and soon, you'll be making friends with the friendly bacteria as you flush the bad bacteria good-bye.

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