16 things only men in touch with their feminine side will relate to

You know your friend's name that just popped into your head when you read this title? Make sure they see this.

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  • As surprising as it may seem, not all men are six feet tall, chiseled, lightly-stubbled lumberjacks. There is a rare breed of male that can be quite sensitive and enjoy the finer things in life. One could describe them as being "in touch with their feminine side." If you relate to the list below, you're one of them.

  • DISCLAIMER: As I attempt to remove men from the stereotypical box society places us in, some readers may fear I place women in a similar box by insinuating that all women don't like sports, are all fans of Taylor Swift, etc. Know that no offense is intended.

  • 1. Realizing that pretty much every sport is just a glorified game of Pong

  • 2. You have a hard time finding fulfillment in lifting really heavy stuff

  • 3. But secretly you think Zumba looks pretty fun

  • 4. You're a hugger

  • 5. You can braid hair

  • 6. And you can relate to this dad

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  • 7. You're openly a Taylor Swift fan

  • 8. You're not afraid to cry during movies

  • 9. Your new needlework project is legit

  • 10. When it comes to cooking, you can hold your own

  • 11. You're willing and capable of sharing your feelings

  • 12. You have dry skin, so you use moisturizer

  • 13. You have and use your Pinterest account

  • 14. You take care of your shoes

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  • 15. You love pillow talk

  • Men, if you can relate to what you just saw, you're in touch with your feminine side. Congratulations, and be proud.

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