5 ways men are silently killing their wives

That girl who stole your heart years ago may be suffering from habits you don't even realize you do. Have you thought about that?

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  • A relationship needs to be taken care of daily, otherwise, just like a plant, it tends to wither and weaken.

  • Even the littlest gestures flame love and passion in a marriage. In fact, those little gestures are absolutely necessary for a happy marriage.

  • Some wives feel forgotten, yet may never say anything. This is a dangerous situation, because, if nothing is done to prevent that neglected feeling, the relationship will silently become more and more distant.

  • Husbands, some of your attitudes may have been the cause of her pain. If your wife is a shell of the woman you married, see if you might be doing some of these hurtful things. Take care of your relationship while there is still time.

  • 1. Lack of attention

  • Your wife understands you've had a difficult day full of commitments and responsibilities. She has too. But she's also been holding onto the hope of getting to talk and be with you at the end of the day. She doesn't want to compete with news, video games or cell phones. She needs your attention. Is she not the most important person in your life? Make your actions show that.

  • 2. Lack of praise

  • Women love to hear praise from their husbands. It's one way they feel loved and special. So, do not fail to praise your wife. She definitely has plenty of attributes and qualities you can admire. Praise both privately and in front of your family. Your children will love knowing you admire their mother.

  • 3. Lack of dating

  • With just a little effort, you can make time for dating. You need to continue dating even after you are married. If anything, you need it now more than ever. Dedicate a day of courtship to your wife. Then, creatively plan something she would love doing.

  • 4. Excessive criticism

  • Living with someone everyday highlights some of their worst qualities. You probably weren't even aware of some of her weaknesses while you were dating, but this doesn't open a space for you to criticize your wife. Wives who receive constant criticism from their husbands end up with zero self esteem and feeling miserable. Everyone, without exception, has areas to improve. Instead of criticizing, focus on your own weaknesses and improve together.

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  • 5. Comparisons

  • It does not matter if you compare your wife to your mother or a dear family friend. Do not do it. She may not show it, but this kind of attitude hits her heart and it hurts deeply.

  • Where there is love, there is healing. Watch your attitudes so you and your spouse can be happy together.

  • This article has been adapted and translated from the original, "5 maneiras em que os homens estão matando silenciosamente suas esposas" published on familia.com.br.

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