21 perfectly timed (hilarious) photos

Sometimes a picture is worth way more than a thousand words.

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  • These hilarious pictures are bound to make you double-take. Enjoy.

  • 1. A magic carpet ride

  • 2. This dog knows how to party

  • 3. Let it go! Let it go!

  • 4. Short girls are the best

  • 5. Lassie 2.0

  • 6. Ever wondered what a man-child looks like? Here you go

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  • 7. When you get an incredible haircut

  • 8. It's a hormone disorder

  • 9. The most chill shark in the sea

  • 10. Nice shoes

  • 11. Putting a man on the moon

  • 12. Careful, he's a man-eater

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  • 13. Gigantic, but still adorable

  • 14. Is it a tiny plane or a giant giraffe?

  • 15. The legendary invisible hockey player caught on camera ... sort of

  • 16. So that's where boats come from

  • 17. Careful, she spits

  • 18. The Force is with him; he is one with the Force

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  • 19. Hi ho, Silver, awaaay

  • 20. I hope he doesn't shed

  • 21. It just ... kept on going

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