11 photos that prove parents should stop face-swapping with their kids

Seriously, it's creepy.

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  • Parents everywhere have been swapping faces with their kids - and it needs to stop. It's creepy. If you don't believe me, just scroll down.

  • 1. It just gives you the chills

  • 2. You can't unsee this

  • 3. Not the duck-face too

  • 4. That is quite the man-child

  • 5. This looks too real

  • 6. That man needs a sucker

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  • 7. Listening to "Wheels on the Bus," no doubt

  • 8. This is disturbing beyond description

  • 9. She's right behind me, isn't she?

  • 10. This one will keep you up late at night

  • Father and daughter love #faceswap #sofunny #creepy #hilarious

    A photo posted by Roxann Selby (@roxannselby) on

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  • 11. You'll think of this every time you see a doll from now on

  • #walmart #faceswap #sweetlove

    A photo posted by Sam Clement (@bro_jackson93) on

  • Do you have any friends who would do something like this? Make sure to share this with them so they don't.

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