24 tweets only married people understand

It's not all glamorous as people think.

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  • Marriage is full of surprises. It has its ups and downs and a lot of strange things in-between. But one things for sure, you become part of a special club once you're married and there are some things you only understand when you exchange rings with your sweetheart.

  • These 24 tweets attest to that.

  • 1. It's all fun and games

  • 2. Making messes

  • 3. When you're angry

  • 4. Ok, but seriously

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  • 5. Battle of the house temperature

  • 6. Snoring is ... comforting?

  • 7. You know that one song?

  • 8. Dishes don't do themselves!

  • 9. All about that toilet paper

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  • 10. Grown-up presents

  • 11. You do strange things

  • 12. Too tired for laundry

  • 13. Cat videos only

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  • 14. He still can't find anything

  • 15. Still a little kid

  • 16. Can be uncomfortable

  • 17. Who needs grocery lists?

  • 18. The last thing she wants to hear when she gets home

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  • 19. Shopping like a boss

  • 20. Still don't know what to eat for dinner

  • 21. How does this taste?

  • 22. Whose turn is it anyway?

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  • 23. No sharing

  • 24. The sweetest moments

  • Can you relate?

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