20 attractive pictures of Hugh Jackman that will make you say, 'That's not Hugh Jackman; that's a bunch of adorable baby animals!'

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  • Hey, it is what it is. Enjoy.

  • 1. It might not be Hugh, but ... it's still cute, right?

  • 2. Next, an adorable sloth

  • 3. An owlet for your viewing pleasure

  • 4. A wittle bunny

  • 5. Piglet and pet duck

  • 6. Lil' hippo

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  • 7. A ferocious jaguar

  • 8. Baby Alvin ... or Simon ... or Theodore

  • 9. A llama, or possibly an alpaca

  • 10. A hedgehog

  • 11. Even giraffes start out small

  • 12. Is that you, Squirt?

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  • 13. A fuzzball for your enjoyment

  • 14. I need one of these right now

  • 15. Baby panda and his dragon

  • 16. Baby koalaaaawww

  • 17. Too cute

  • 18. Armadillos are underrated

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  • 19. Must. Squeeze. Now

  • 20. Finally, the majestic otter

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