9 hilarious texts to send to your completely non-romantic man

Let's be honest, some guys just aren't romantic. These will help.

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  • Us guys are difficult creatures to understand. Some of us are hopeless romantics, but some of us avoid all that sappy, lovey-dovey stuff like a freshly plowed manure field. If your husband is the mushy type there are plenty of other articles for you to read. For example, 16 love texts your husband needs throughout the day is a great one. 10 texts that will score you major hubby points is also a winner.

  • But, if your husband just rolls his eyes when you pour your heart out to him, try showing your affection in a way he understands and appreciates. Take a look at the examples below and figure out which method works best for your man:

  • 1. After revealing how much you love him, follow it up with several other things you love equally as much, just for reference

  • 2. If compliments go to his head, keep his feet on the ground with a follow-up text like this

  • 3. Get all your mushy texts out when they no longer apply

  • 4. Hyperbole is overrated. Tell him like it is

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  • 5. Be the epitome of realism

  • 6. If you have to, get extra real

  • 7. Throw him the double negative every once in a while, just to shake things up

  • 8. If completely necessary, create a code language just to share your feelings

  • 9. If anything seemingly serious ever slips through it'll spark his suspicion. (Which is just how he likes it).

  • If your man is of that special breed who avoids 'feelings' like the plague, what other clever methods do you use to share your feelings with him? Let us know in the comments.

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