These 12 Christmas wish lists are the best

Have your kids made their gift wish lists? Anything out of the ordinary they've asked for? These 12 kids have some pretty fantastic ideas.

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  • Christmas is a holiday that embodies the spirit of giving. We give gifts to friends and loved ones to show our love and appreciation for them. Sometimes these gives are for fun, and sometimes they are more serious. Often, we give gifts to those in need like those who are sick, hungry or dealing with other hardships.

  • But for kids (and sometimes adults), we have wish lists of things we want or need, often requested by loved ones so they know how to best spread some love and cheer into our lives.

  • But these 12 lists have some creative mentions that are pretty much the best.

  • 1. This kid wants a germ free holiday and may have medical school in their future

  • 2. This girl may be a future entrepreneur

  • 3. Taking pictures of food starts younger and younger

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  • 4. Kids have to grow up so early these days

  • 5. This kid is not only planning to purchase most of his own Christmas gifts with gift cards, but track how many steps he takes while doing it

  • 6. Golden watch, golden chains, and ... wait. What? $29 seems oddly specific

  • 7. I don't even know what half those make-up items are

  • 8. When you know you've raised a Hamilton super fan

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  • 9. I hope Santa tells her he'll get her one 10 years from now

  • 10. Hope he already has a green thumb

  • 11. Does this mean the kid wants a broken leg?

  • 12. That awkward moment when your kid wants a brother for Christmas ...

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  • What's the funniest thing on your kids' Christmas lists?

  • However you choose to celebrate the holidays, may the spirit of giving fill your home and heart this year and always.

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