Berlin’s Christmas market tragedy unveiled a major ugly truth (and it has nothing to do with terrorism)

Make sure you're fighting the right war.
Dec 20, 2016

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  • At 8 p.m. on December 19, a truck plowed into a Christmas market in Berlin, Germany killing 12 and wounding 48 others, police said. Although police are still investigating whether this was a terrorist act, witnesses are saying the crash was no accident.

  • As reports of the tragedy continue to roll in, thousands of people are reaching out in love to those hurting in Germany.

  • Others are grasping to understand the event.

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  • But an ugly side of humanity has also emerged. It's a side that's always lingering, but is never so apparent as when events like this happen.

  • It's the tendency to lump all Muslims as terrorists, and it happens every time.

  • The blanket hatred of a people

  • In 1933, Adolf Hitler flooded Germany with posters, films, newspapers and radio programs all focused on one thing: defining an enemy. It was through these tactics that he convinced much of a nation that Jews were an alien race. They were portrayed as people who fed off their host nation, ruined the culture, stole jobs and enslaved workers.

  • He did the same for homosexuals, gypsies and those with disabilities - lumping them all into one hateful category.

  • And he was alarmingly successful. He killed about six million Jews, which meant at the time, two out of every three European Jews were killed.

  • Are we falling into that same trap?

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  • Reading the comments on any of the Berlin tragedy news stories shows strong evidence that we are. Earlier this week, I heard a casual joke told linking all Muslims to terrorists. Some laughed. Others hardly reacted. I wanted to scream. None of us corrected it. None of us stood up against such a damaging view.

  • The events in Berlin are tragic. What happens every day in Aleppo is horrifying. These are people who need help and prayers - not racism and stereotypes.

  • Human nature craves a common enemy. With terrorist attacks occurring so frequently, there is certainly an enemy out there, but let's not confuse a whole religion or nationality as that enemy.

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