10 products that will make you appear more attractive than you actually are

It doesn't take much to trick people into thinking you're gorgeous.

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  • Improving your attractiveness quickly is all about having the right tools. Here are 10 things that will up your hottness level with only a little effort:

  • 1. Lip Stain

  • Lip Tattoo | 4 Colors!
    Lip Tattoo | 4 Colors! / via jane.com
  • Lipstick makes you look more attractive by drawing the attention to your lips. However, lipstick tends to get flakey or rub off throughout the day. Instead, use lipstain which colors your lips like a marker and stays for 24 hours.

  • 2. Hair curlers

  • Curly Q Curlers | 18 Piece
    Curly Q Curlers | 18 Piece / via jane.com
  • Gorgeous locks don't have to take your entire morning. Roll your hair up in curlers at night (while enjoying some pre-bed Netflix), for quick dreamy tresses in the morning.

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  • 3. Hair powder

  • Hair Powder | Covers Roots + Absorbs Oil
    Hair Powder | Covers Roots + Absorbs Oil / via jane.com
  • Hair powder is one of those products everyone needs to have on hand for a quick beauty boost. It absorbs excess grease so you can have great hair without a shower and can disguise grown-in roots from your dye job or cover those unsightly grays in less than a minute.

  • 4. Red clothes

  • Lux Embroidered Tunic Dress
    Lux Embroidered Tunic Dress / via jane.com
  • Repeatedly, studies have proven that men are more attracted to women in red. So looking more attractive is no more complicated than throwing on a red dress or some red lipstick.

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  • 5. Face threader

  • Facial Hair Threading Tool
    Facial Hair Threading Tool / via jane.com
  • You'd be surprised by how different your face looks and feels when you remove all that peach fuzz (or even those gross black hairs). Use a face threader or tinkle face razors to make your skin silky smooth.

  • 6. Teeth Whitener

  • Home Teeth Whitening 3D System  | Free Remineralization Gel
    Home Teeth Whitening 3D System | Free Remineralization Gel / via jane.com
  • Don't underestimate the power of your pearly whites. Studies show that white teeth are one of the main indicators of attractiveness. (If you regularly check Jane.com can find this $100 whitening system for only $10!)

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  • 7. High heels

  • Beautiful Ankle Booties | 6 Options
    Beautiful Ankle Booties | 6 Options / via jane.com
  • According to this study, men percieve women in high heels as more attractive. So if you want take your look to the next level in a snap, throw on a pair of high heels.

  • 8. Perfume

  • Flirty Fragrances | Philosophy, Burberry, Calvin Klein and more!
    Flirty Fragrances | Philosophy, Burberry, Calvin Klein and more! / via jane.com
  • Believe it or not, attractiveness isn't only percieved through the eyes. Specifically, your nose has a lot to do with determining attractiveness. Studies show that giving yourself a spritz of perfume can actually make a big difference in how beautiful people think you are.

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  • 9. Dresses

  • Winter Floral Midi Dress!
    Winter Floral Midi Dress! / via jane.com
  • You can have your hair up in a greasy bun and still look like hot stuff if your clothes are on point. It's worth investing in a few dresses so that you are both fabulous (and comfy) on days when you don't have time to invest in your look.

  • 10. Hair tie bracelet

  • Hair Tie Bracelet
    Hair Tie Bracelet / via jane.com
  • Wearing an elastic band around your wrist doesn't make you look classy. Instead, use a hair tie bracelet to maximize style without compromising the comfort of always being able to pull your hair out of your face.

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