11 solid reasons why you're so glad you're not in high school anymore

Overall, I think we're all pretty glad we don't have to do those four years ever again.

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  • High school is full of memorable experiences, but whether they're ones we'd love to remember or rather forget is debatable.

  • Even if you had some great times, most of us would agree that we'd never go back to high school. Ever. It's not something anyone should have to endure more than the requisite four years. Here's the proof:

  • 1. That absolute travesty that is showing up in the same outfit

  • 2. High school yearbooks are full of lies disguised as niceness

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  • 3. You are judged on your looks...and it determines the next four years of your life

  • 4. Who even are these people?

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  • 5. You don't get out without at least a few emotional scars

  • 6. Apologies to anyone who first knew me in high school

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  • 7. High school = lots of crying

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  • 8. High school: Lots of snoozed alarms, pain killers, crying and people begging for help on homework

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  • 9. No. Never

  • 10. Too many ridiculous questions and too much homework

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  • 11. Let me summarize

  • High school is one of life's hurdles. Some fare better than others, but we all make it through and turn into pretty great adults. So, if you're in high school right now, hang in there; you'll make it. If you're out, let's do a collective sigh of relief together.

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