17 things women do without thinking that are really attractive

There's something about singing in the car that just drives us guys crazy.

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  • Sure, there's style and makeup and all of that stuff that men may or may not find attractive in women, but here are 17 things women do without even noticing that men find attractive. Remember, it's the little things 😉.

  • 1. Looking away quickly when we notice you staring

  • 2. Running their hands through their hair

  • 3. Being a klutz

  • 4. Biting their bottom lip

  • 5. Spontaneous dancing

  • 6. Accidentally laughing out loud

  • 7. Or laughing so hard they can't breathe

  • 8. Unashamedly singing in the car

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  • 9. Voicing their opinion

  • 10. When they tease you

  • 11. Struggling to do something they know should be simple

  • 12. Getting a little competitive

  • 13. Being positive (this one is hard to find)

  • 14. Trying to manipulate you with those puppy dog eyes

  • 15. Or doing this

  • 16. Talking with your friends

  • 17. Being their true self in front of you, complete with crazy quirks

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  • Men, what do you think? Do you agree? Did we forget anything? Let us know in the comments. Also, if you want to find out what women find attractive in men, check out this article.

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