Brazilian soccer player found out he'd be a Dad shortly before he died in tragic crash; his video is shaking the world

Try to watch this without crying ...

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  • Soon before leaving for what ended up being his death, 20-year-old Thiaguinho received the news of a lifetime when his wife and colleagues gave him a surprise.

  • The plane crash that's spread across world news is becoming increasingly devastating as more details are discovered. It's capable of destroying anyone's heart.

  • 76 people were killed in total. Among them was Thiaguinho, who didn't know that soon after he received the best news ever, his life would end.

  • Thiaguinho's wife worked with his teammates to deliever the best news a man could ever hear: he was going to be a daddy.

  • His teammates were to give Thiaguinho a gift from his wife. The gift would tell him the good news, and his teammates would record everything that happened.

  • In the video his teammates walk down the hall carrying a white bag that they had to Thiaguinho. Thiaguinho is sitting on the floor and brushes the bag aside, hardly paying attention to it - that is until they tell him it's from his wife.

  • He opens the bag, which has a card and a box wrapped in gift paper. He stops to read the card and then jumps for joy as his teammates embrace and celebrate with him.

  • At that time, nobody knew what awaited them.

  • This terrible tragedy makes us reflect. We never know if there will be a tomorrow, so we must live today with the greatest intensity possible. Never stop hugging and telling those you love how much you care.

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