11 things only a true hypochondriac will relate to

You should probably get that checked out.

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  • Hypochondriacs: You know, those people that are constantly concerned they're suffering from any and all of the latest and greatest debilitating diseases because of that one tiny symptom they may or may not even have.

  • The imagination can do amazing things. Check out these 11 signs your imagination has probably earned you the status of hypochondriac.

  • 1. Normal aches and pains are early indicators of imminent death

  • 2. Part of you knows you're crazy, but part of you knows you could be right

  • 3. And there's nothing you can do about it

  • 4. Everybody thinks you're exaggerating

  • 5. And the doctor is tired of telling you you're wrong

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  • 6. But it wouldn't feel weird if something wasn't wrong ... right?

  • 7. So you turn to the ultimate source of absolutely true and accurate knowledge

  • 8. Which is never a good idea

  • 9. And when anyone asks you what's wrong

  • 10. You're basically this camel

  • 11. But with time you learn how to deal with it

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