20 awesome hacks every driver needs to know

The most useful hacks you'll ever need.

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  • Americans spend about 300 hours driving in their car per year. With so much time spent driving, it's best to get organized and be prepared for the worst. In order to have a hands free, organized and safe driving experience, you need to know these 20 awesome hacks. Some might even save a life.

  • 1. Clean foggy headlights with toothpaste

  • 2. Merge with other cars using the zipper method

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  • 3. How to jumpstart a car

  • 4. Use a penny to see if you need new tires

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  • 5. Use a shower caddy for organization

  • 6. A muffin tin in a basket is the best way to hold all the drinks

  • 7. The arrow on the gas gauge points to which side the tank is on

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  • 8. Use a rubber band to hold your phone through the air vent to navigate

  • 9. A cereal container makes for a perfect portable trash bin

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  • 10. Save time scraping ice off your windows

  • 11. Have a winter car survival kit on hand in case of emergencies

  • 12. Silicone cupcake liners work great in cup holders

  • Catch cup-holder crumbs and spills with silicone cupcake liners. #CarHacks #CarWashExpress

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  • 13. Save your windshield wipers by covering them with socks when it snows

  • 14. Make sure your exhaust pipe is uncovered when warming up the car

  • 15. Throw your loose change in an empty gum container

  • Keep loose change easily accessible with an empty gum container. #CarHacks

    A photo posted by Car Wash Express (@carwashexpress) on

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  • 16. Save your backseat from stains with this DIY cloth cover

  • 17. Don't have a funnel? Use an empty, clean water bottle

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  • 18. Clean bugs off your car with a dryer sheet

  • 19. Turn on your seat warmers to keep the pizza warm

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  • 20. This ingenious invention by a 4th grader so you won't forget your baby

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