Where do you find inspiration?

Inspiration can come in many forms and in different ways. Where do you find yours?

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  • We all have someone or something that inspires us to be better, work harder, continue on or work through our own obstacles.

  • It's an amazing thing to see others who are strong as they overcome difficult situations, or see how they grew because of their hardships. There are many ways we can be inspired by the world around us.

  • Twitter users shared what inspires them in a series of tweets with the hashtag #ImAlwaysInspiredBy. Some are funny, and some are quite thoughtful. Check out some of these great inspiration sources.

  • 1. Inspiration can come from unconventional places ...

  • 2. ... Including this GIF

  • 3. Hard work and attitude make a huge difference

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  • 4. Those who keep trying again and again. Never give up

  • 5. People who help others

  • 6. Inspiration in the beauty of nature

  • 7. People who can laugh their way through adversity

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  • 8. Inspired by kindness

  • 9. Be inspired by art and the creativity of others

  • 10. People who lift others are inspiring

  • 11. Inspiration from those who choose to be themselves no matter what

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  • 12. Inspired to find the positive instead of the negative

  • What inspires you? People? Quotes? Art? Music? As we get inspired by people and things around us, we'll become better people - more compassionate, harder workers, stronger and more loving toward others. And then maybe we can inspire others, too.

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