17 things only a true introvert will relate to

You know who you are.

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  • Many introverts use their valuable time alone to express themselves via the Internet, where we can all enjoy the peculiarity of their social habits. Here are a few things only true introverts will relate to:

  • 1. When you want to be part of a social group of like-minded people, but ... not

  • 2. Your worst punishment is being in public

  • 3. You make plans with yourself

  • 4. And you take them very seriously

  • 5. Your only safe place is within the walls of your own home

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  • 6. But even your house can get overwhelming sometimes

  • 7. You just don't want to be a burden ... to anyone ... ever

  • 8. You're always fashionably late

  • 9. If forced into a social situation, you're always painfully aware of your possible escape routes

  • 10. And you just end up in the corner of the room anyways

  • 11. You're not incapable of talking with people, you just prefer other activities

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  • 12. Oh please no

  • 13. Phone calls? This is why texting was invented

  • 14. This

  • 15. You are your own best friend

  • 16. You're always painfully aware of your word choice around strangers

  • 17. But secretly you're totally awesome

  • Can you relate?

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