28 Pinterest fails that will make you feel completely human

Cakes are hard.

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  • Pinterest is the place we go to get ideas for things we will never actually do. We pin everything for a later date and then it just sits there forever. It's kind of sad, but every once in a while, a brave soul chances making Pinterest creations a reality, and hilarity most often ensues. Take a look:

  • 1. Perfectly perfect fall photo

  • #nailedit #pinterest #pinterestfail #fall #leaves @ape_role

    A photo posted by Ashlie Acosta (@mrsjorgeswifey) on

  • Stellar timing with those leaves!

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  • 2. Fairy lights backdrop

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  • Were they even really trying on this one?

  • 3. The perfect messy bun

  • #hairtruth #pinterestfail #bunsfordayzzz #hairprobs #loveitorleaveit #hairgoals #hairenvy

    A photo posted by Lindsey Kaufman-Krueger (@lindzcouture) on

  • It's unattainable.

  • 4. Adorable baby in a truck photo

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  • This is why I leave the baby photography to the professionals.

  • 5. Spider in the window

  • #pinterestfail #halloween #notcrafty

    A photo posted by staceyduford (@staceyduford) on

  • It's almost scarier this way.

  • 6. Mason jar light

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  • I just can't even!

  • 7. Mickey cupcake cake

  • I'm not really getting a Mickey Mouse vibe here, but...

  • 8. Watermelon cake

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  • When you ask your mom to make this as your birthday cake and she fails a little bit ๐Ÿ˜‚ #pinterestfail

    A photo posted by Joelle Hilton (@thevirtuousmama) on

  • Baked with all the love a mother can offer.

  • 9. Handprint tree painting

  • "It's okay. It'll be okay." . #ocdmomma #pinterestinspired #readyforfall #fallcrafts #momlife #pinterestfail

    A photo posted by Mrs. Missouri - Heather Hussey (@heatherkhussey) on

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  • The tree dots are pretty on point though.

  • 10. Disney cake pops

  • Pinterest at its finest! #pinterestfail #disneycakepops @msquared524

    A photo posted by melissa (@greeneyedskies) on

  • These actually seem pretty complex, so kudos for even trying in the first place.

  • 11. Chocolate dessert

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  • Ummm ... no. Just no.

  • 12. Swirl nails

  • I'd say these turned out pretty much perfect!

  • 13. Banana penguins

  • We had fun trying.. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿง๐ŸŒ #pinterestfail

    A photo posted by Shayna ๐Ÿ (@shaynak90) on

  • There was so much potential here.

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  • 14. Disappointing wedding cake

  • I don't think this is quite what the bride and groom had in mind for their big day.

  • 15. This strawberry treat

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  • My pink goop pile is a really close miss. #pinterestfail #pinterest #idontknowwhyitried #buzzfeedtasty

    A photo posted by Sydney G (@sydneyg910) on

  • I don't even know what this is supposed to be, but definitely not that.

  • 16. Potato hedgehog

  • #pinterestfail ... Atleast we tried :)

    A photo posted by Divya Krishan (@divyakrishan) on

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  • I don't know why this is even a thing, but it's hilarious.

  • 17. Balloon marbles

  • I don't think that's quite the look they were going for.

  • 18. Frozen cake

  • Elsa has never looked better!

  • 19. Melted crayon art

  • Apparently this is a lot harder than it looks.

  • 20. Watermelon shark plate

  • Looks pretty good to me!

  • 21. Ariel cake

  • Why can't cakes just be simple anymore?

  • 22. Coffee art

  • A+ for effort!

  • 23. Pancakes

  • You have to be pretty talented to fail at this.

  • 24. This family photo

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  • Do you think they planned this?

  • 25. Spongebob cake

  • More like Sponge "blob."

  • 26. Balloon string art

  • They always make this look so easy.

  • 27. Cookie sheep

  • He is actually kind of cute!

  • 28. And a T-rex cake

  • This is just too good!

  • I hope after seeing these inspirational attempts at Pinteresting you realize that failure is a normal and hilarious part of life. So, don't let that fear hold you back; get out there and try something new!

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