It's almost Halloween, so here are a bunch of scaredy-cats

These videos are hilarious (and pretty cute, too).

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  • Sometimes cats can express emotions even better than humans can. Take a look at these 15 terrified cats and you'll see what I'm talking about:

  • 1. Puss afraid of boots

  • 2. Noooo, no, no, no, no, no

  • 3. Vacuums terrify me too

  • 4. Don't lie, sometimes the toaster still gets you

  • 5. Right in the blind spot

  • 6. That escalated quickly

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  • 7. Classic spider gag

  • 8. Didn't see that coming

  • 9. The turkey gobble

  • 10. "Dang it, Jill! Not again."

  • 11. I'd freak out too

  • 12. Vegetables are scary

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  • 13. You threw off her groove

  • 14. Ugh, more vacuums

  • 15. He walked right into that one

  • See what I mean?

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