5 failproof ways to make him miss you

These tips work with boyfriends, husbands and friends.

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  • Nobody misses another person out of nowhere, and nobody misses strangers. We can easily mistake the sense of missing someone with other feelings. Do you really know what it is like to miss someone? Especially in a husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend relationship?

  • Dr. Sherman explains to the site Psychology Today that human relationships are based on wanting to be connected or disconnected from each other. Wanting to be connected is the true meaning of missing.

  • A stable relationship is defined as a couple that wants to be connected with each other. They care about each other and about the same things. They enjoy spending time together. Dr. Sherman says that an unstable relationship is when one person misses the other person more. This means that one only one person in the relationships feels connected and the other person feels disconnected.

  • You can't force someone to miss you, but there are ways to connect with another person and possibly make that special someone miss you. Maybe the person will not fall in love, but he will want to be near you.

  • 1. Be friendly

  • Building a strong friendship is one of the easiest ways to connect with anyone. It shows that you are always willing to help during the difficult and happy moments.

  • 2. Visual contact

  • When you talk, always look directly into the other person's eyes. This creates a closer connection. Eye contact also shows that you care and are paying attention.

  • 3. Give him some space

  • As Dr. Sherman said that the impression that the other person is too needy contributes to an unstable relationship. So give him some space, you shouldn't force being close. Open some space so when he desires, and he will want to be near you.

  • 4. Be mysterious and a little present

  • Being "hard to get" may not be the right thing to do. Although men like a little mystery, be friendly with him, but let him guess some things and be interested in you. You do not want to be everywhere he is, but whenever you see him, relax and smile, to show you are comfortable next to him.

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  • 5. Have fun and smile

  • It's more likely he will miss you if the memories with you are cheerful and happy. If the last time you met, you two barely spoke, it may be that impression he will take with him. So it's important to have some fun together.

  • This article is a translation from the original article, "5 maneiras infalíveis de fazer com que ele sinta sua falta" on Familia.com.br.

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