What would you say if you knew your Facebook post would be your last?

This former quarterback posted a photo of his 22-year reunion on Facebook with the football team; he died the next day in a tragic accident.

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  • Brandon Jones, a former quarterback who played for the University of Utah from 1994 -1996, revisited his old stadium this past weekend for his team's 22nd anniversary. While there, he posted photos to his Facebook account saying:

  • "These guys are truly some great guys and I am honored to have been teammates with them playing for the best coach, Coach Mac. Big thanks to Mac and Vicky McBride for bringing this MAFU family together. We are all better men, husbands, and fathers because of you two. Much love to my MAFU family."

  • His final photo, however, was dedicated to his wife, Mitzi, who was with him at the game as well.

  • "Such an awesome weekend with my best friend, Mitzi Woolstenhulme Jones. Had a great time hanging out with friends from 22 years ago! Would not have done it without you Mitzi, I love you more than words can express," Jones wrote. "Thanks for always being by my side through everything this life has thrown at us. Love you!"

  • Such an awesome weekend with my best friend, Mitzi Woolstenhulme Jones. Had a great time hanging out with friends from...

    Posted by Brandon Jones on Sunday, October 9, 2016
  • Only two days later, Brandon was involved in a fatal biking accident, and the playful comments on his final Facebook posts turned into loved ones paying their respects and expressing condolences for Jones' family.

  • Brandon's death came so unexpectedly and tragically, but his last Facebook post is one for the books. The sweet and compassionate post reflects his true and everlasting love for his wife and where his priorities fell in life. He showed just how much he cared about the people in his life with words that emanated kindness, appreciation and compassion.

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  • His final post truly brings this question to mind, "What would you say if you knew your Facebook post would be your last?"

  • With so much hatred and cruelty in the world, would you want your final Facebook post to be negative and hurtful? Or would you rather it reflects the people who mean the most in your life?

  • No one ever truly knows when their time will be up on this earth, but one thing is for certain: we should never take our loved ones for granted or be advocates of negativity and hatred.

  • Brandon's story is truly eye opening as it shows just how fragile life is, but it also goes to show that what might seem like a small, thoughtful gesture, may mean the world to someone for years to come. His final posts on social media will always reflect the thoughtful, caring person he was.

  • With that being said, take the time to think about your words before you post or say them. Life is so short, and there are never enough "I love yous" "thank yous" or "I appreciate yous" being said. Be the difference in the world, and never take your life or your loved ones for granted.

  • You never know what life will bring to your table, but if you continue to be a positive example and you are kind to others, you could have a powerful impact for good on the world around you, and that is definitely what I would want to be remembered by.

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