20 awkward things that happen when you change your last name

Who knew it would be so difficult to change your name?

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  • For years you've dreamed of what your name would sound like with the last name of all the boys you've ever had a crush on tagged on the end. Now, the time has finally come. You are now happily married and have a new last name. But getting used to your new last name isn't as easy as you thought.

  • 1. The constant struggle of writing your maiden name, not your married name

  • 2. You have to catch yourself every time you introduce yourself

  • 3. The struggle of changing your name on Facebook

  • 4. And Instagram

  • 5. And Twitter

  • 6. And all other social media sites

  • 7. You stalk someone for their username because now it's YOUR NAME

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  • 8. The government just doesn't understand you're married

  • 9. Neither does your bank

  • 10. There are so many places you need to change your name

  • 11. So many lines to wait in

  • 12. Nobody knows who you are anymore

  • 13. Nobody can pronounce your new last name

  • 14. No one can remember your last name

  • 15. You're tempted to just change your whole name

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  • 16. You debate over whether to hyphenate or not to hyphenate

  • 17. You endlessly question what would be easier for everyone else to understand

  • 18. Why do you need to change your name anyway?

  • 19. You love your husband, but changing your name is just a hassle

  • 20. But once the change is finalized you feel like a new person beginning new life

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