This little girl can't wait for her big brother to come home from school

She gives the best hugs in the world.

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  • This little girl's favorite part of the day is when her brother gets off the bus after school. Every day she waits at the bus stop with her mom, watching for the bus to arrive.

  • In the caption of a video posted to YouTube, the girl's mom, Casey, writes, "Everyday Cecilia waits for her favorite person, big brother Jax, to come home from school! She loves to bring him lollipops, stuffed animals, Minecraft glasses but her favorite thing she gives him is her daily hug."

  • As soon as the bus arrives at the bus stop, Cecilia runs up to the doors and into the arms of her big brother, Jax, to give him the biggest hug she could ever give. And it's adorable.

  • See the cute brother and sister duo hug it out below.

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