Jimmy Fallon asked people to tweet the worst advice they've ever gotten, and it's hilarious

Some of these are just brutal (but I'm still laughing).

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  • Maybe it's a bit of wisdom passed down through the family, maybe it's something you read of a fortune cookie or maybe it's just a cruel prank. We've all received bad advice before, so when Jimmy Fallon sent out the Tweet below, hilarity ensued.

  • Here's what people had to say, starting with Jimmy himself:

  • 1. Oh, Jimmy

  • 2. Happy birthday, Ed

  • 3. Keep up, Starbucks

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  • 4. Too soon

  • 5. I see nothing wrong with this

  • 6. The logic is sound

  • 7. Fear is a powerful motivator

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  • 8. That leaves quite the mental picture

  • 9. Classic

  • 10. #BakingProbs

  • 11. Somebody got a good laugh, though

  • 12. Still passing

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  • 13. Worth a shot

  • 14. No, officer, I think you are mistaken

  • 15. This is where superpowers come from

  • 16. Sorry, Linda

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  • 17. So that's how that works

  • 18. Venison, anyone?

  • 19. But did it help with the stomach ache?

  • What's the worst advice you've ever recieved? Let us know in the comments!

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