What if your life was like a horror film?

Would you be the smart one? Or the one who gets killed first?

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  • Horror films can be intensely scary or ridiculously hilarious, depending on your sense of fear and humor. But, how many of us find ourselves yelling at the screen while the characters do something completely moronic?

  • But if real life was like a horror film? Then what?

  • 1. But, hey, maybe it'd help you avoid something terrible

  • 2. Then you'd be prepared, because music always knows

  • 3. There'd probably be a lot of us in this same position

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  • 4. Try to remember to not announce your presence to the killer

  • 5. Hopefully we'd learn from others' dangerous mistakes

  • 6. Maybe then we'd be motivated to exercise

  • 7. Blankets = safety

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  • 8. Because those hockey masks ..

  • 9. Scooby Doo and the predictable plot points

  • 10. Truth. How can you even have a good plotline if everyone could escape?

  • 11. There may be a lot less showering. (This would be the worst.)

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  • 12. No more camping trips

  • 13. But, the wind doesn't make that sound ..

  • Hmmm. Perhaps having your life be like a horror film wouldn't be the best idea. Also, sorry about the 13 posts...at least there are no broken mirrors, black cats, and ladders to walk under when you're on the Internet!

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