13 vines featuring kids who are too funny for their own good

I dare you not to smile while looking through these.

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  • FACT: Kids are the world's greatest comedians of all time.

  • Period.

  • Guys like Jim Carrey, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel and Jim Gaffigan (apparently the name Jim/Jimmy is requisite to being funny) can all make us laugh, but they have nothing on the creative ability of a 5-year-old.

  • Here are 13 vines of kids who are just too funny for their own good.

  • 1. Good morning

  • 2. What are those?!

  • 3. If only it was this easy with teenagers..

  • 4. Apparently, she's a cupcake

  • 5. At least she has a great follow-through

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  • 6. And the Oscar goes to ...

  • 7. Nap time

  • 8. Thanks, dad

  • 9. This never gets old

  • 10. The truth hurts

  • 11. When the beat drops

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  • 12. The struggle is real

  • 13. His happy dance > your happy dance

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