15 painfully hilarious things that are all too real for teachers (and parents)

It takes special people to be teachers. Raise your hand if a teacher has made a difference in your life!

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  • While parents are rejoicing that school is back in session, there's another group of people we should be concerned about: teachers.

  • Teachers take on classes of twenty-ish students all about the same age and manage to not only keep students alive, but do it while smiling (for the most part).

  • If you're a teacher, you can surely relate to these tweets. If you're not a teacher, share it with one. They need a good laugh.

  • 1. This is why teachers always list caffeinated beverages as their favorites on "about me" papers

  • 2. Kids aren't the only ones who dread going back to school

  • 3. Desks are built at just the wrong height. Or maybe thigh pads (like knee pads) should be a thing

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  • 4. Teachers have A LOT of self-control

  • 5. When you just finished teaching something, but realize you're not actually done

  • 6. Only the first week? Or every week?

  • 7. Being a teacher is more than a full-time position

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  • 8. Not a kid anymore. Responsibility and adulting required

  • 9. Kids, teachers, and parents aren't so different in this aspect

  • 10. Field trips: saying the same thing over and over while counting heads repeatedly

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  • 11. The worst

  • 12. The struggle is real

  • 13. Um ..

  • 14. However, there are some entertaining perks

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  • 15. Putting up with other people's kids' whining is a daily occurrence

  • Teachers work so hard and don't get paid enough for their incredible influence on how they shape our children and the future. As parents we should be kind and teach our kids to treat their teachers with respect. Also, perhaps send them chocolate once in a while.

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