15 times Bad Lip-Reading made us bust out laughing

I can't get enough of these.

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  • Bad Lip Reading. You know, those guys who take your most/least favorite movies and dub in their own dialogue? They're hilarious. You've probably seen some of their hugely popular YouTube videos, but here are 15 six-second Vines of some of our favorite moments. Enjoy:

  • 1. Keep practicing, White Lighting

  • 2. And, of course, High School Musical gets a shoutout

  • 3. Twilight, the perfect target

  • Oh, and here's a GIF of that just in case, you know, you need it for anything.

  • 4. I miss getting to see Ben Carson on T.V

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  • 5. He plays football, but his heart really belongs to musical theater

  • 6. Spiderman has a big appetite

  • 7. Sock grease ... ew

  • 8. There's always room for soup

  • 9. Star Wars: The Musical

  • 10. Everybody likes cake!

  • 11. "You don't really want a robot on the train"

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  • 12. Chris Christy spittin' fire

  • 13. Quarterback Tom Brady behind the scenes

  • 14. A little more Twilight because ... why not?

  • 15. They're flying off the shelves

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