16 funny thought bubbles that perfectly explain how we all feel about dating

Welcome to the dating game.

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  • Dating: An experience in which two people come together and engage in activities to try to convince the other person to fall in love with them. What isn't mentioned in this definition is the wide range of emotions that hit a person all at once during this sometimes awkward period of time in their life.

  • Further complicating the dating process is the fact that most of us spend half the time on a date trying to figure out what what the other person is thinking about. Well, we've taken the mystery out of that last question by filling out 16 thought bubbles of some not-so-hpothetical situations:

  • 1. First date follies

  • 2. I think this date is going to be cut short

  • 3. Piggyback ride to die

  • 4. Five star embarrasment

  • 5. Flirtatious face touching

  • 6. Some people just hate surprises

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  • 7. Icebreaker or dealbreaker?

  • 8. Perspective

  • 9. A picky picnic

  • 10. Puppy love

  • 11. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

  • 12. Silence is golden, unless you're on a date

  • 13. Post-Olympics date

  • 14. And counting...

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  • 15. Ouch

  • 16. Great minds think alike...occasionally

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