Bruce Springsteen stops concert for 'Jersey Girl' proposal

It's wedding season and he wants her to be his "Jersey Girl"

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  • Nearly 4 hours into his second show at MetLife Stadium last Thursday, Bruce Springsteen closed out the record-breaking night with "Jersey Girl." Little did he know that in the front row, a New Jersey boy was proposing to his own "Jersey Girl."

  • The groom-to-be told people around him he was going to propose so they would know to catch the moment on video:

  • The groom-to-be never expected what happened next.

  • Springsteen took notice of what was going on, stopped his "Jersey Girl" performance and called the newly-engaged couple on stage. He passed his microphone to the groom-to-be where he could announce his engagement to the tens of thousands in attendance.

  • "This is my girlfriend, Jill," he began. "We've been together 8 years. We've been to a ton of shows together, and this is by far the highlight of them all."

  • Following loud cheers of support, he looked to his fiancé and told her, "Jill, you're my best friend. I love you more than anyone else in the world. I love you more than music itself, I love you more than, Bruce!" This elicted a look of mock offense from Springsteen and laughs from the crowd.

  • Watch the entire moment below:

  • The couple danced onstage for the remainder of the show, with Springsteen serenading them and the whole crowd for the rest of his ballad, "Jersey Girl."

  • This will surely be a night the couple will never forget.

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