15 hilariously sarcastic Amazon product reviews you have to read

Sometimes people are just awesome.

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  • Not everything you read on the internet is true. That statement is especially accurate with these hilarious reviews people posted for strange products on Amazon.com. Take a look and have a laugh:

  • 1. You really can find anything on Amazon.com

  • 2. This T.V. costs $120,000.00

  • 3. The banana slicer

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  • 4. Such a versatile product

  • 5. This review is for a vacuum cleaner

  • 6. Oh boy ..

  • 7. A MUST HAVE for your personal library

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  • 8. This bracelet looks like something straight out of a video game

  • 9. Seems legit

  • 10. A convenient tool for all of your tools

  • 11. Because even writing utensils are gender specific

  • 12. Hopefully you get the reference

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  • 13. Remember this dress?

  • 14. Whatever this thing is

  • 15. I didn't see that coming

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  • Which one was your favorite? Let us know!

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