These 25 animals are totally stuck

Their faces say it all.

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  • Not only are these animals totally stuck, but they're also painfully aware of it. Shame, embarrassment, indignance, hopelessness - it's all there.

  • 1. I just came for the honey and then I was going to leave, I swear

  • 2. Pl-please, oh gosh, please help

  • 3. This is udderly awful

  • 4. Don't tell Dog

  • 5. I fit through this hole last week

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  • 6. I think I'm wearing this wrong

  • 7. I've been here for six hours

  • 8. What are you talking about, human? I did this on purpose

  • 9. Not one word, Judith

  • 10. The herd is never going to let me live this down

  • 11. No, no - I'm fine. Just send up a juicebox, please

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  • 12. I know, I know. Bad idea

  • 13. You left the cookie jar open on purpose, didn't you?

  • 14. Please don't call Animal Control

  • 15. Take one more picture, I dare you

  • 16. The Fire Department? This is so embarrassing

  • 17. Jerry, this does not look good

  • 18. I was ... spelunking

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  • 19. I- I- I was ... please help

  • 20. I have brought dishonor on my species

  • 21. Please resist the urge to tip me over

  • 22. OK, I'm just going to suck in, and you step on me

  • 23. Act casual until the human leaves

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  • 24. You know I'm afraid of heights, John

  • 25. Climb the ladder of success, they said

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