30 hilarious tweets about what marriage is really like

If you're married or plan on being married one day, you're going to want to see these πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ .

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  • I'm not married, so I dove into the ever-informational Internet to learn as much as I could about what married life is really like. Needless to say, I think I've learned a lot. Have a good laugh.

  • 1. There's always something to do

  • 2. I see no problem with this

  • 3. The more you know ..

  • 4. He probably looks a lot more respetable now

  • 5. Goddesses play by different rules

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  • 6. Time to make a Walmart run

  • 7. I bet she never gets tired of this

  • 8. Asking for an opinion is apparently just a courtesy

  • 9. Oh, the dad jokes

  • 10. You get to know each other really well

  • 11. That's tragic

  • 12. The struggle is real when it comes to sharing

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  • 13. Everyone loves bunk beds

  • 14. The battle of the ages

  • 15. I've never understood this

  • 16. I'll do it next time

  • 17. Good save

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  • 18. I'll be sure to remember my Gameboy

  • 19. Just in case he forgot

  • 20. Budgeting: It's important

  • 21. How romantic

  • 22. You've got to be a team

  • 23. How gentlewomanly

  • 24. The inevitable weight gain

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  • 25. They're only sorta dirty

  • 26. I've heard horror stories like this

  • 27. Parenting win

  • 28. Peripherals don't count as plain sight

  • 29. You save on water and electricity

  • 30. There's always someone there to mess with

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David Snell is a writer for the FamilyShare team. He's trilingual (English, Spanish and Movie Quotes). He's got a BA in communications and is married to one incredibly fantastic girl.

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