17 hilarious bumper stickers that'll ... well, actually that's pretty much it

These probably won't change your life, but they are pretty entertaining.

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  • These are a nice little escape from the usual stickers you might see on your daily commute. Take a look, have a laugh and then go do the dishes.

  • 1. Everyone could use some of these to hand out

  • 2. Fair enough

  • 3. You can't stop singing it in your head

  • 4. Minivans get a lot of hate nowadays

  • 5. Wait ... what?

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  • 6. Bumper sticker or label?

  • 7. The most thorough, comprehensive sticker I've ever seen

  • 8. Well, that's clever

  • 9. The only car that gets made fun of more than the minivan

  • 10. Mind blown

  • 11. That's totally understandable. Insurance is hard

  • 12. Hey, this is a judgement-free zone

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  • 13. I want to be friends with this person

  • 14. It's just, whatever, ya know?

  • 15. That might be a little vague

  • 16. Oh, oh my

  • 17. And ... party on dudes

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